Writing Tinnitus

Writing is like tinnitus of the hand. Tinnitus is a condition characterized by the sensation of hearing a constant ringing noise that isn’t actually there. You won’t find this in a dictionary, but tinnitus of the hand can be characterized by the sensation of constantly hearing the keyboard strikes or the scratch of the pencil on paper.

I’ve always felt that tinnitus of the hand. I’ve always loved writing because of the freedom it offers, No matter what the activity is, I always think about how I could write about it. Whether it is recapping the Red Sox game, describing the absence of noise at a monastery, or capturing my emotions while listening to a song, I’m constantly engaging in the transduction of information. 

Two things that I try to have every day are a good perspective and a good attitude. I think of perspective as standing on a mountain overlooking a city below. I think of attitude as being an ordinary citizen in that city. The images come from my time as a volunteer on Emmanuel College’s Alternative Spring Break in Phoenix, Arizona.

I was merely a Freshman who was in my second semester of college. I hadn’t really traveled anywhere far away since my Sophomore year at Hingham High School. That trip to Phoenix just reaffirmed that the world is way bigger than just Boston. Different people, different traditions, different climates. Everything was different. The ignorance I once had, helped me in a way. Sometimes the only way to learn is through first hand experience.