To Scott and Alena: Best Man Speech

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate Scott and Alena on becoming husband and wife. What a beautiful ceremony it has been and at a gorgeous venue. We can all agree that the true beauty of the day lies in the love that Scott and Alena have for one another. I’d like to thank everyone for coming today to help celebrate this momentous occasion. I’d especially like to thank those of you who traveled long distances to join us, especially Alena’s family and friends who traveled all the way from Belarus. It’s been a pleasure meeting all of you. I’d like to thank Scott for giving me the honor to be your best man and for allowing me the opportunity to say a few words.

Scott and I grew up right across the street from one another. We did everything together when we were younger, thank you Mary Ellen and Rich for encouraging our friendship. We attended the same grade school and although we went to different high school’s and college’s we managed to stay extremely close to one another.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have spent a lot of time with Scott and Alena over the last couple of years to watch their love blossom. They are an extremely fun couple to be around. When describing them as a couple, adjectives such as: well-mannered, even-keeled, and kind-hearted immediately come to mind. Through our time spent together, I was able to get an insight on the genesis of their relationship. It was a very chilly New Years Day and Scott was invited to photograph a polar plunge in South Boston. He arrived there with his friend Jeremiah who had also brought two other friends, one of which was Alena. After that day, they connected and immediately bonded over their love for photography. What we all can learn from them is that we need to make the most out of the opportunities we are given. When Alena was granted a student visa to come here, she studied at NESOP and worked hard to make connections to further advance her career. While Alena was making positive strides, Scott was also doing some impressive things, including completing his degree in photojournalism from BU. I had the opportunity to live with him for a couple of years in Brookline and to see how hard he works. I have never seen him turn down an assignment, not even a sports one. Scott and Alena are fine examples of the adage that hard work pays off. I know that in the future there is nothing that can stop them and there isn’t anything that they can’t do.

Watching you guys build your life together is going to be exciting and it will be fun to watch where the future takes you. Wherever it takes you, I know you’ll be there hand in hand with everlasting love for one another. You’ve got each other, a beautiful apartment, a wild and hilarious dog and a strong support system…Scott and Alena, Mr. And Mrs. Eisen, the world is yours. The possibilities are endless, so continue to make the most out of the opportunities you are given as you’ve shown us to do so many times before.

Thank you!




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