From The Archives: My Favorite Image 

There are many sights and sounds in the world today that consume us. We’re surrounded by constant distractions. At points we are unable to find any time to ourselves because the world around us is moving so fast. Once you are in the running wheel at a fast pace, it’s really hard to stop.

My favorite image begins in an old western town, totally barren except for a saloon serving cold beer and a makeshift train station in the distance. For your own benefit you can include the guns and tumbleweeds if it better helps you envision the scene. Basic, well isn’t that the point? There was nothing tangible that you could grab onto so you were forced to make the best of what you did have. There are no distractions. Other than walking, the train was the only way to get anywhere. It was the only way to get to some civilation where you would meet and converse with other people. I decided to hop on this train not knowing exactly where it was going to lead me. It seemed like an old rickety train but had a strong foundation. The foundation was built on love, hard work, and hope. The train was brown, and wooden. The old train made several stops along the way. Wherever it stopped I picked up important knowledge, knowledge that I had never been privy to before but that would be necessary to have with me as I continued. It helped me get through. It made me stronger and more well prepared for what was to come.

This train is my life.

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