Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving by Christopher Sadler
Dear Lord,

Thank you for this delicious meal and providing us the opportunity to be able to share it with the people who are most important to us. As we are gathered here today, remind us to never take our surroundings for granted and to remember that every single day is a blessing. Let us be humble and eternally grateful for what we have in life. For those who we wish were here and for those who have passed, allow their souls to sit by us to take in the joyous sights, sounds, and smells with us. Let their smiles stretch from ear to ear and light up the room. Allow Dad to be at the head of this table to proudly hold both Sammy and Jack on their first Thanksgiving together. We all know that he would love nothing more. We will always be thankful for his love and kindness. Additionally, we are thankful that he’s in a place now free of pain and suffering where he can watch over all of us. Lastly, urge all of us to spend some time in deep thought today. What we are most thankful for will guide us to how we should live our lives until the next Thanksgiving.

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