Becoming A Writer

Every story has a beginning but when you’re so far along your journey, you often forget exactly where you started. I’ve been blessed to have so many influential role models in my life who have shaped me to be the writer that I am today. My loving mother and father were the first ones to recognize my proficiency for writing at an early age. They always encouraged me to be an active writer and creative thinker.

At Derby Academy, my teachers did an amazing job of properly implementing fundamental grammar and writing mechanics into my education. In the sixth grade, I was asked by my Latin teacher and mentor to write a piece for our school’s student publication called The Derby Spirit. After being thrilled with my first submission, he encouraged me to continue my involvement with the publication by creating a weekly column where I could share my thoughts on various subjects. It was in that format where I was able to let all of my creative energy flow and to experiment with many different styles of writing. The combination of my strong education with the outlet to strengthen my creative muscle gave me the utmost confidence as a young writer.

At Hingham High School, I enrolled in my first journalism class where I was taught traditional news-writing techniques. During that class we had the incredible opportunity to tour the Boston Globe Headquarters located in Dorchester, MA. Being able to walk through the same hallways as some of my favorite writers was enormously inspiring. I then began writing for the school’s student newspaper called The Harborlight. After a period of time writing for the newspaper, I began to find strictly fact based news-writing to be stylistically boring and quite restricting. During my junior year, I had a life-threatening health incident that flipped my world upside down. Writing became my escape in an attempt to try to make some sense of the situation. I began to discover and invest the majority of my time in the art of creative writing.

At Emmanuel College, I created my first WordPress blog which aimed to merge together my love for creating writing and music. I was truly blessed to be able to attend college in the city because Boston has long been a hotspot for both writing and music. During my senior year, I became a Digital Content Intern at WAAF, one of the biggest radio stations in the Boston area. In that role, I became more familiar with creating and managing blogs by using the inner workings of WordPress’s backend platform.

At Quincy College, I enrolled in two creative writing courses which proved to be very beneficial to my development as a writer. I also enrolled in another journalism course where I wanted to revisit news-writing with more of an open mind. The two courses ended up complimenting one another very well although they varied greatly in many ways. My creative writing professor taught me that nothing was off limits and it was acceptable to get carried away with the details of a storyline. Each of our classes provided intriguing and unique assignments that were designed to keep our thought processes and ideas fresh. More specifically, I thoroughly enjoyed our stream of consciousness sessions where the goal was to write for five consecutive minutes without stopping. It gave me a fun “writer’s rush” to be under pressure like that. The lesson of breaking the barriers between your brain, hand, and paper to dump your first thoughts without any regard for clarity was well received.

My beneficial personal and professional experiences have allowed me the opportunity to develop my writing skill set, expand my scope of knowledge, and practice my craft. My mind is constantly churning and trying to come up with my next great idea for a post. I feel most alive when I think that I’ve locked into an idea that no one else could come up with. It has become therapeutic for me to sit in peace and to only have to answer to the thoughts in my head. Over time I’ve become even more drawn to the personal freedom that writing offers.

I feel truly blessed to call myself an alumnus of Derby Academy, Hingham High School, Emmanuel College, and Quincy College. I would not be the writer that I am today if it wasn’t for the incredible mentors and educators who took the time to teach me and influence me greatly on a daily basis.

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